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Roofing Contractors Rockford IL is a licensed and insured roofing services company that is committed to providing quality roofs to every home and establishment in Rockford Illinois. Our pursuit of delivering quality service starts from beginning to end–from sourcing and procuring quality materials and equipment up to the very end of our after-sales service support.

Rockford Roofing IL is more than just your roofing specialist. We are your quality roofing partner!


Roofing Contractors Rockford IL envisions to strengthen its market position as the most trusted and go-to roofing contractor in the entire Rockford Illinois by providing consistent excellent service, quality workmanship and maintaining unprecedented transparency to uphold our partners’ trust.


When does a house become a home? When the place you live in starts to reflect the life you’re living. When each change, both huge and little, makes it your own. Choosing a new roof, or repairing an old one, is the perfect time to make a major impact on the look of your home, and Rockford Roofing IL is here to help.

Roof Inspection Rockford IL

If you’re searching for a reliable partner to trust your month to month, quarterly or annually roof check-ups with, we are happy to be of service with Rockford Roofing IL’s different Roof Inspection services:

Roof Condition Assessment (Visual Inspection)
A roof condition evaluation is conducted to find out the general condition of the roof and recognize self-evident failures. Rockford Roofing IL’s field service staff will conduct the visual inspection and report all potential problem areas in a written report. Our team will also record any issues noted during the roof condition assessment with photos showing a few of the more critical issues identified during the inspection.

Detailed Roof Evaluation
A point by point roof evaluation is conducted to supply an extensive evaluation of the roof components and current conditions. This roof assessment will comprise a formal report, which can include field information, detailed scale drawings of all roof areas, photos of field conditions, suggestions for repair/replacement and recommended plans, and repair or replacement cost estimates. Roof core tests will be obtained for laboratory examination.

Infrared Moisture Survey (Thermal Imaging)
The infrared moisture study is conducted to determine the moisture substance inside the existing roofing assembly. Entrapped dampness leads to premature disintegration of the roof materials, loss of insulation R-value, and deck corrosion.

Leak Investigation
Our leak investigation is performed to determine the source of active leaks into the roofing assembly and/or building and give proposals for long-term repairs. An infrared moisture study will be utilized as a diagnostic instrument in deciding the extent of moisture invasion.

Natural Disaster Damage Inspection
A post-storm visual inspection can be performed to determine the degree of roof harm caused by wind, hail, snow/ice or other weather conditions. Rockford Roofing IL’s field service staff will include a damage assessment, photos of roof system failures, and prescribed repairs or substitution based on the degree of damage.

Roof Replacement Rockford IL

Repair or replace? That’s the question that property holders frequently face when it comes to roofing issues. The challenge is recognizing when that is for your home. Waiting for an emergency to strike to invest in a roof replacement is a surefire way to overpay and surge your decisions. With Rockford Roofing IL’s Roof Replacement services, your roofs are in the right hands:

Roof replacement, Roofing Product Selections, Roof Assessment / Inspection.
With a quick roof inspection by one of our team members we can help you assess your roof to determine whether or not your home is ready for a replacement.

Roofing Product Selection.
Once it has been confirmed a new roof is needed, we schedule time with you in our showroom to discuss roofing product options, colors and cost.

Final Pricing & Scheduling
Final price estimates are prepared based on the needs of your home and selected roofing products, and then work with you to schedule your roof replacement. In most cases the owner is not required to be on site for our teams to complete the work.

Roof Removal
All elements of the old roof must be removed to ensure proper installation of the new roof. We make every effort to cover and protect your property and surrounding landscaping from debris. Once the old roof is completely removed, we thoroughly inspect all underlying deck boards and make any necessary repairs.

Installation of Sub-Roofing
Sub-roofing materials must be installed first to create a solid, impenetrable base for the new roof. Sub-roofing underlayments commonly include drip edges, ice and water shield material, and felt paper, but may vary based on the needs of the roofing product being installed.

Installation of the New Roofing Product:
Once all underlayments have been set, we install the actual roofing material. We install all products according to manufacturer recommendations and work from the bottom up. Ridge vents, ridge caps, wall flashing and chimney flashing are installed as they are needed.

Site Clean Up, Final Inspection & Warranty
Upon completion the new roof is meticulously inspected to ensure all materials have been correctly installed. We also inspect the surrounding area to make sure no materials or debris are left behind. At this time we also issue the warranty associated with the specific product and craftsmanship.

Roof Repair Rockford IL

When it comes to keeping your home in good order, roofing repair is extremely important. Your roof plays a huge role in the appearance of your home. The roof is often the first thing people notice about a house. A poorly maintained roof can aesthetically destroy the image of your house, and more importantly, it can bring down the value of your home. Oftentimes, a damaged roof can lead to a destruction in the other parts of your house as well. What factors should you consider when your roof needs repair? Don’t worry! You just need to take note of the following:

  • Roof’s age- The age of your roof is the most obvious and logical reason as to why you need to either repair or replace your roof. Commonly if your roof’s age has been over six years, we suggest that roof inspection and repair is necessary.
  • Noticeable Damage- Another factor to consider as to when to call for a repair is based on the actual condition of your roof. Did you notice any obvious damage such as leaks, tile breaks or dents? Obviously, roof repair is necessary. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Contact us now!
  • Roof Maintenance. Did you conduct roof assessment from time to time? Or worse, none at all? Roof maintenance is necessary in order to extend the lifespan of your roof. If you have not regularly conducted one, serious roof inspection might be necessary in order to fully assess the actual condition of your roof. 
  • Type of Roofing- Do you have a shingled roof? How many shingles does your roof have? Regularly inspect the layerings of your roof. Most double-layered roofs frequent call for inspection and from time to time a repair on the outer or the most exposed layering. We suggest to conduct inspection and repair as the repair route is cheaper than the replace route!

Are you suspecting or unsure if there is a potential roof damage? Need not to worry! Roof Repair Rockford IL is at your service! Mulling over to call us now? No need to since you must! THE SOONER IT’S FIXED, THE LESS IT WILL COST YOU! 

Hail Damage Rockford IL

During summer and winter, severe weather conditions frequently come. For instance, Hail, storm, high winds and other natural disasters and calamities may potentially harm and ultimately deteriorate the condition of the most exposed part of your homes, your roofings. With the frequency of these severe weather conditions, it is prudent and important to determine whether your roof has been damaged by such disasters particularly when hit by a hailstorm! Damages from hail storms often result in leaks and other complications that can often decrease the lifespan of your roof. Aside from natural disasters and calamities, various factors also influence a roof’s life expectancy and performance such as its initial design to its ongoing maintenance.

We know it is quite difficult to tell the strength of a hailstorm and whether your roof received any damages that is why we recommend that it is then consistently prudent to have an expert do an intensive examination to survey the degree of the harm. Also take note that when it comes to identifying and assessing if there is a hail damage or the extent of the hail damage that has happened in your roof, leave up-close inspection to us, Hail Damage Rockford IL experts! It is inadvisable if you are inexperienced and has no knowledge on roofing to be the ones climbing on your roof. It may not only potentially increase the risk assessment of your roof but it may cause you injury as well. Even without climbing on your roofs, you can still identify clues as to whether there is potential hail damage on your roofs through dented gutters and downspouts, loose or broken sidings, or fencing and decks damage.

Have you noticed this obvious damage on your roof? Are you suspecting that your roofing suffered a Hail Damage? No need to hesitate. Call us, Hail Damage Rockford IL now! Without a sense of urgency, your property may continuously lose its value worse, you’ll have to spend a big chunk from your wallet!

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